Elizabeth Abbott Rojas is a main character in the CW TV Dramedy Life Sentence. She is the oldest daughter of Ida and Peter Abbott and the older sister of Stella and Aiden Abbott.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

In "Pilot", Stella finds out that after she got sick, Elizabeth put her dreams aside to take care of her family, including having Fiona and Frank to give her parents something positive to focus on — which she now realizes she might regret have kids so early instead of focusing on her career of being a writer.

After receiving motivation from Stella in "Re-Inventing the Abbotts", Elizabeth decides to pursue her dream of becoming a writer but experiences a case of writer's block. Stella ends up suggesting Elizabeth go to a writers' retreat. Diego, however, is not overjoyed with the idea of staying home alone with the kids.

While Elizabeth is away, Diego ends up asking Wes to babysit the twins. Fiona ends up getting sick and Wes ends up calling Ida to help him.

In "Who Framed Stella Abbott?", Elizabeth returns back home to find that her mother has changed things around her house. She then struggles to get her kids back to their usual routine without hurting Ida's feelings. She ends up having a conversation with Diego about her mother. Ida overhears the conversation and plans to leave in order to give them a proper date night. Diego and Elizabeth, moved by what Ida has done for them, end up inviting Ida to eat with them.


Elizabeth is a caring sister who has always put Stella first.

Physical AppearanceEdit


  • Elizabeth had to give up her dream career for Stella, and her likes.



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