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Clinical Trial and Error is the third episode in Season 1 of Life Sentence. The episode aired March 21, 2018 to 0.49 million viewers.[1]

Synopsis Edit

BEING AN ADVOCATE – As Stella settles into her new volunteer role as Patient Advocate, she learns that Sadie doesn’t have anyone to fight for her.  Stella suggests Sadie try the clinical trial that worked for her, but their hopes are dashed when they learn that the trial has ended.  While Wes is babysitting Diego’s kids, one of them gets sick, and Ida offers her help.  Meanwhile, Aiden pushes his father to have a guy’s night out to help him move on from Ida.[2]

Plot SummaryEdit

Stella starts volunteering at the hospital, where she learns Sadie doesn't have anyone on her side. She, and Sadie's new oncologist, Dr. Grant, petition to give Sadie the same clinical trial that saved her life, however they find out that the trial was canceled because Stella was the only one who survived. After Stella tells Sadie, she signs her up to many other trials to build her hopes up.

Wes offers to babysit Diego and Elizabeth's children, but while he is babysitting, Fiona becomes ill and Wes asks Ida for help, however she over-reacts. Meanwhile, Aiden takes his father on a lads night out to help him get over his breakup from Ida, which results in him sleeping with a woman named Lauren, whom Aiden has previously slept with.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Riley Smith as Dr. Will Grant
  • Bre Blair as Lauren
  • Nadej Bailey as Sadie Carter


  • The title is a spoof of the 1997 comedy film Trial and Error.
  • Even though this is the third episode to air, this is actually the fourth episode in production.




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